The Benefits of Hiring the Best a Professional Mailing House in Cambridge

Mailing houses provide mail services to clients, which is beneficial especially to those with businesses that conduct direct mail marketing. Although online marketing has achieved great popularity, direct mail marketing is still a favourite means of marketing for many marketers. This is solely because it has a higher response rate as it mainly focuses on target audience, saves money and time, and also provides reliable mailing lists. Therefore, hiring the right mailing house can help you carry out your marketing campaign successfully. A good mailing house must be able to provide quality services at affordable rates, and on-time delivery. To ensure that you get the best there is, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional mailing house Cambridge.

Low-cost and Effectiveness

There are numerous companies in Cambridge that provide mailing house solutions for clients all around the UK, which include local authorities, charities, membership groups, as well as SME’s. However, not many can provide fast and cost-effective mailing house services. The advantage of using the services of a professional mailing house is that you can benefit from lower cost for bulk postage. Attractive discounted rates are provided for both the UK as well as international direct mail, parcels, catalogue, leaflets, brochures, and packets. This is why for many businesses, outsourcing the work to professional mailing houses is usually a more cost-effective solution. Continue reading

Cost effective way of mailing

Still for some companies, mailing is a huge annual cost. With many companies sending out thousands of letters each month to their customers the costs soon start to add up, especially if they also send out postage paid envelops for their customers to use to return paperwork to them.

You will find that a number of companies now offer paperless systems allowing them to not only help the environment but also save money on staffing costs and postage. These savings are often then passed on to the customer to bring the cost of their services down.

If your company does still need to mail information out then be sure that as much of it is sent in one go as possible. Too many companies still send out letters a few days apart to the same customer, which could have easily gone in one envelope saving then hundreds of pounds over a given period.


Mass mailing, does it work?

When it comes to marketing, it can be hard to know what works and what doesn’t. One option that you have is to do something called mass mailing. This is where you send out an email to a large group of people to advertise a product, service or your company in general.

Some businesses send out mailings to an existing database they have built up from previous, current or prospective clients and other businesses buy in lists from a third party. When doing any mass mailout you need to ensure that the people you are sending it to have opted in to receive information from you as it is illegal to send to someone that hasn’t. All emails should have an unsubscribe link on to allow people to remove themselves from the list should they wish to do so.

Buying lists of data can be dangerous as you do not know that they have opted in and more often than not you will find a number of the email addresses no longer exist or that you are contacting people that have no interest in your company and the products or services you sell.

Tracking your mail

If you are waiting for a parcel that has been sent by courier or even certain services within the Royal Mail then you will probably receive a tracking number from the sender. This allows you to log on to their website or call them up and track where your parcel is.

All couriers have different tracking methods. Some will only give you limited information as to when it has left the depot etc whereas others will tell you what time you can expect your parcel and even the name of the driver.

This is a great service for business sending and receiving mail as it means that they can not only give their customers accurate information regarding deliveries but can also see when supplies they have ordered should arrive.

Tracking is usually quite curate but often is only updated when the delivery driver or depot inputs the details, although this is becoming more automated when parcels are scanned in and out.

The future of Royal Mail

With the recent controversial sell off of Royal Mail, there have been questions about the future of the firm. While the sharp rise in its share price following the sale suggest a bright future for the firm, the numerous other delivery firms around could spell trouble. While royal mail is bound to deliver mail anywhere in the country for the same price, the other firms out there have no such constriction.

Royal Mail’s key strength is a strong, trusted brand and it’s well established infrastructure. While other delivery firms may be able to pick and choose where they deliver to (some smaller firms only operate in urban areas), the Royal Mail’s commitment to deliver everywhere in the country could actually be a strength. The loss of Royal Mail would be a blow for people in rural and outlying areas, but if it can stay competitive and keep a nationwide presence it should continue to thrive.

Keeping with the times when it comes to mailing

With the beauty of the internet and email it is quite easy to do away with a lot of paperwork. For some businesses, taking the step from posting out documents and using faxes etc to sending everything electronically is a daunting process and therefore it often gets pushed to the back.

There may be quite a high initial set up cost to upgrade or add in additional functionality to your current systems to allow you to do this but often once the hard part is over you will see the benefits instantly. You will also need to contact all your customers to explain the new systems you are putting in place and how it will affect them and you will have to be prepared for a few hiccups in the initial period until everyone knows how it all works.

These systems will save you a lot of money in the future and no longer will you have to worry about things getting lost in the post as with email it is normally able to be tracked and you can store copies of everything on a server (which can also be backed up) making it very secure.

The Top 6 Advantages Of Direct Mail Advertising

As the world steadily moves to an online centered marketing and advertising the traditional advertising methods like direct mail advertising are slowly taking a back seat. However, this is not to say that this method does not have any significant advantages to compete with the modern forms.

For most people one of the first things that they do when they wake up in the morning or after coming home from work it to check their mails. This alone shows that getting a direct mail service is still quite a viable method of advertising. Besides from this, the following are six advantages that you can still enjoy from direct mail advertising Continue reading

Allowing people to unsubscribe from your emails

If you have a company that obtains email addresses from people wishing to either register to receive news or product updates to being informed when their car is due for a service, then by law, you must give them option to opt out or unsubscribe.

When emailing people initially, you need to be able to prove that they are aware of what they are signing up to and have agreed for you to contact them. Any data you collect from your visitors can also not be sold on to a third party without their consent.

All emails that are sent out need to have a unsubscribe option on to allow people to remove themselves from the list. This ideally should be linked up to your contacts list so that they are automatically removed and will receive no further messages.

Some companies ask the user to tell them why they are leaving. Although this information may be useful you also may find that a lot of people do not want to take the time to complete this or may even chose the first option that you present to them just to complete the unsubscribe process.

Choosing the correct time to send out a marketing email

If you use email mail shots as part of your marketing strategy you should consider the time that the email is sent. I have a few (rather large) companies that chose to send emails out at 4am in the morning! This is extremely annoying and has, at times, caused me to unsubscribe to any future mailings. This is not what you want and therefore it is very important to consider this when it comes to the mail out scheduling.
Many systems will give you feed back of what time a mail out is opened and this information can be vital to future marketing. Depending on who your recipient is and what type of product or service you are marketing can have a strong influence on popular opening times, for example, a mail out that is aimed at other businesses rather than an individual will probably best being sent out during normal working hours.

How Mail Shots Can Boost Your Online Business

There are many who believe that direct mail marketing and the mail shot are obsolete as a marketing tool. More and more entrepreneurs seem to be convinced of this especially with the rapid rise in popularity of social media. Some business owners have even been able to use popular social media sites like Facebook to successfully promote and market their small businesses for free.

Fortunately the tide has started turning in recent times with the regular updates and constant changes in algorithm by leading search engines and social media sites. As a result many online entrepreneurs have been forced to rethink their offline marketing options. This is how direct mail marketing has made a come-back and ended up at the top of most lists. Continue reading

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