Choosing the Right Mailing House for your Mailing Requirements

Different entities look for different characteristics in a mailing house. This is largely dictated by their mailing needs. There are a plethora of factors to look for when selecting a mailing house. As much as you would want competitive prices and flexibility, the quality and the reliability of services are key.   First off, if you are looking for mail fulfilment Oxford services, ensure that the mailing house you choose has the capacity to deal with your mailing requirements. Has the mailing house dealt with the kind and scale of mail you want to send before? Obviously, most mailing houses have been sending letters and parcels – but what if […]

Sourcing ink for your printer


Printing out material can be costly, especially if you are having to do a lot of colour or photo printing. Many manufacturers recommend that you only use the genuine inks that they manufacture as other inks may not only offer you the best quality and do not last as long, but can damage your printer in the long run. They often also state that they probably will not work correctly in the printer or not even be recognised. Following up on this I did some research of my own and found many companies offering printer ink at a much lower price than the manufacturers and they stated that you were […]

The Benefits of Hiring the Best a Professional Mailing House in Cambridge


Mailing houses provide mail services to clients, which is beneficial especially to those with businesses that conduct direct mail marketing. Although online marketing has achieved great popularity, direct mail marketing is still a favourite means of marketing for many marketers. This is solely because it has a higher response rate as it mainly focuses on target audience, saves money and time, and also provides reliable mailing lists. Therefore, hiring the right mailing house can help you carry out your marketing campaign successfully. A good mailing house must be able to provide quality services at affordable rates, and on-time delivery. To ensure that you get the best there is, here are […]

Cost effective way of mailing


Still for some companies, mailing is a huge annual cost. With many companies sending out thousands of letters each month to their customers the costs soon start to add up, especially if they also send out postage paid envelops for their customers to use to return paperwork to them. You will find that a number of companies now offer paperless systems allowing them to not only help the environment but also save money on staffing costs and postage. These savings are often then passed on to the customer to bring the cost of their services down. If your company does still need to mail information out then be sure that […]

Mass mailing, does it work?


When it comes to marketing, it can be hard to know what works and what doesn’t. One option that you have is to do something called mass mailing. This is where you send out an email to a large group of people to advertise a product, service or your company in general. Some businesses send out mailings to an existing database they have built up from previous, current or prospective clients and other businesses buy in lists from a third party. When doing any mass mailout you need to ensure that the people you are sending it to have opted in to receive information from you as it is illegal […]

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