Shopping online – not as good as it looks?

A recent study carried out by Royal Mail showed that approximately 12% of all online purchases made are returned due to the item not looking like it does in the picture shown on the website. Online shopping has boomed over the past decade with many people doing the majority of their Christmas shopping online. But with online shopping comes risks, especially during busy periods. Not only do people have to hope that the product they ordered arrives is the one they ordered, is in a good condition and is as it looked on the picture but also that it arrives on time. During holiday periods such as Christmas, the postal […]

Saving money on business postage

Many businesses use the postage service every day to send out invoices, reminders and promotional material to their customers. Direct mailing can help you increase your business and quickly convert to new sales. Postage costs can be reduced if you are sending out mass mailings but there are still ways that you can save money even if you are only sending out less than fifty letters or flyers. A franking machine can easily be installed in most offices and allows you to print the postage directly. You can often add your own logo too, to personalise the mail that is going out to customers. Franking machines offer Royal Mail postage […]

All in direct mailing

Direct mailing companies often offer packages that allow them to quote you a set price for the design, printing and mailing. If you have in house designers or want to use a third party designer then many mailing companies will print from a PDF that you send them. Often you will find that mailing companies can offer a postage service that is cheaper than you posting them yourself. For example, some companies charge 23-24p per postcard sent out and that includes printing. That price is actually less than a second class stamp. They are able to offer these prices due to discounts they receive in bulk purchases. If you are […]

Checking postage costs

Postages costs can be extremely expensive especially if it for delivery of something large or heavy. When looking to buy anything online which will require postage, always check to find out the delivery price. Often products are advertised at a reasonably low price but then the postage charges are extremely high meaning overall you pay more than you should. Some companies will offer combined postage if you are buying multiple items from them, but be sure to check this prior to placing your order as often this needs to be done before committing to buy. If you are buying through an auction site such as eBay, then it is vital […]

Benefits of direct mailing


Direct mailing in a process which involves contacting a specific group of people or businesses and sending them information that is targeted to them based on information you have gathered. This may include email marketing, text message marketing, phone calls as well as sending out brochures or emails. Most major organisations already know the advantages of using direct mailing and have stated that it is their most effective form of marketing. Although direct marketing can be expensive, the benefits far out weight the cost. Being able to send customers information that is specifically relevant to them will increase your chances of making a sale. It can actually bring down the […]