Be carefully when ordering items online

Shopping and ordering items online can often save you a lot of money compared to buying direct from a shop but there are some things that you need to bear in mind when you do this. If you are buying items for a specific date, allow plenty of time for them to arrive, be checked and returned / re-posted if necessary. This is especially true if you are ordering Christmas presents for example that often can get caught up in the Christmas rush and be delayed. If ordering for Christmas you may want to order as much as two months in advance, or even longer if the item is coming […]

Should you include direct mailing as part of your business marketing?

When it comes to marketing your business, it can be very tricky to know how and where you should invest your marketing budget. What marketing works for one business may not work as well for another, and if you only have a very limited budget then you will need to ensure that you invest wisely. You may consider direct mailing as part of your marketing strategy. Although this may be seen as old hat now, it still works very well for a number of companies. Some people will not be tempted by an advert they see online but will be if they see it in a leaflet that has come […]

Mass mailing companies and finding email addresses

If you want to run a mass mail out to companies to promote a product or service you are offering then you will need to spend a bit of time researching email addresses to make sure you get the best response to your mail out. You can often buy lists of email addresses but this is illegal unless you have permission to email them and also many mail out companies will not allow you to upload such lists and send out using their servers. If you are going to be using your own servers o send the mail out from, then firstly check with your hosting company as to how […]

Get organised with your postage

Many of us are really bad at remembering birthdays, it often springs to mind the day or two before leaving us little time to get cards and presents in the post. Being organised can help save money as postage costs rise year upon year. A first class stamp now costs 64 pence and a second class is 55 pence. This may only seem like a small amount but very quickly adds up over the year. Id you are organised then you would be able to send all your items via second class post leaving enough time for it go safely get there but saving you a small amount of money. […]

Tracking deliveries online

More and more shops are now letting you purchase products online. When you place an order online, you want to know that the order has been successful and also try and track the order through the process of being generated to being delivered. Some companies will offer this as standard on all orders and others will only offer this option if you create an account with them. You may find that you get more repeat business if you allow customers to track orders with ease, or even if you send them a simple email confirming the status of their order. ┬áDepending on how far you go, you may want to […]