How secure is our mail?

When using any postal service for our mail it’s always a concern how secure our mail actually is. Even everyday items such as phone bills and bank statements in the wrong hands could be a security risk and if used against you could result in identity theft. Items sent through the post such as packages or parcels can be insured against damage or loss but this would not help items that hold high sentimental value or are genuine one offs. The fact is that any service where a large number of items are being processed quickly and sent out all over the world is bound to face some security risks […]

How to get a perfect direct mailing company

If you have decided on using direct mail as an avenue for your advertising campaign, then it is more than likely that you are also going to be in search of a direct mailing company to put your thoughts into words. First, you will want a direct mailing company that is fresh and has good, modern, and unique ideas. The last thing that you want to do is waste your marketing pounds using the wrong tactics. 

Checking postal costs before making a purchase

When buying items online it is very easy to get carried away with low prices without really looking in to what is included. Many websites such as Amazon or eBay offer the same product at varying prices by different sellers. Often we always look for the cheapest but once we have added on postage costs, it may be that we end up paying more than if we had bought from someone else. Always check what the postage fees are on a product and if the website states you have to create an account before seeing the delivery cost then you may wish to go elsewhere.  If you cannot easily find […]

Concerns over paperless billing

Many of us have now switched the majority of our bills to paperless billing which is great as it all helps towards saving the environment. Many companies have saved a small fortune by stopping sending out paper statements and bills and some have passed a small percentage of this saving on to us. Although paperless billing is becoming increasingly popular, I have recently discovered a few issues with some companies operating this system which could jeopardise the whole situation. With many of these companies you are given a login to a website where you can visit and see a list of past transactions and download bills or receipts. This is […]

Is there really a need to print mail?

With umpteen ways of communicating with each other now, is postal mail really necessary? Often when you ring up a company or take out an insurance policy for example, they will ask you if you want a copy sending in the post or if you are happy for them to read it to you, or for you to print it off at home. This also happens when booking tickets for concerts or football matches etc. Not only does this allow the company to save on costs but also means you can often get your tickets or paperwork quicker than having to wait for 1st or 2nd class mail. Not only […]