Concerns over paperless billing

Many of us have now switched the majority of our bills to paperless billing which is great as it all helps towards saving the environment. Many companies have saved a small fortune by stopping sending out paper statements and bills and some have passed a small percentage of this saving on to us. Although paperless billing is becoming increasingly popular, I have recently discovered a few issues with some companies operating this system which could jeopardise the whole situation. With many of these companies you are given a login to a website where you can visit and see a list of past transactions and download bills or receipts. This is […]

Is there really a need to print mail?

With umpteen ways of communicating with each other now, is postal mail really necessary? Often when you ring up a company or take out an insurance policy for example, they will ask you if you want a copy sending in the post or if you are happy for them to read it to you, or for you to print it off at home. This also happens when booking tickets for concerts or football matches etc. Not only does this allow the company to save on costs but also means you can often get your tickets or paperwork quicker than having to wait for 1st or 2nd class mail. Not only […]

Outdated mail?

For some companies they still prefer to use postal services for gathering and sending information. It may be that you have been sent a form that needs to be completed and then returned to a company to be processed. Relying on the post can be a nightmare and cause unnecessary delays. It can mean that a form takes over a week to be received by client and then back by the sending company before it can start to be processed. Many companies have moved forward with the times and actually allow forms to be completed online or printed, scanned and emailed back to them to speed up the process. Unbelievably, […]

Drones could soon be delivering mail

Drones delivering mail has always been seen as a thing of the very distance future but recently certain companies have claimed that the use of them could be closer than we think. Amazon made a statement back in 2013 stating that they would hope to have drones delivering parcels to our doors within 30 mins possibly within the next four to five years. The Australian Post (Postal service owned by the Australian Government) have also stated that they too will be looking to use drones in the near future to deliver letters and small goods. In April this year, the Australian Post confirmed that they are trailing the drones as […]

6 Steps To Make Marketing Using Direct Mail A Success

Marketing through direct mail is one of the most effective yet undervalued marketing techniques. When done correctly, it can turn your business around in no time. So, are you ready to embrace this marketing technique and set your business on a new path to success? This blog post outlines the steps that are involved in conducting a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Please read along if you wish to discover more. Create Mailing List Prior to creating your mailing list, you should be aware of your clients if you are looking to conduct a successful direct mail marketing campaign. No matter the criterion that you will use to come up […]