Speedy Letter Opening Systems

The term ‘letter opener’ used to merely refer to a knife-like object used to open envelopes but that certainly is not the case today. The term can also be used today for a range of letter opening machines and these are really clever systems, some capable of opening thousands and thousands of envelopes every hour.

Many businesses rely heavily on mail and the sooner it’s opened the sooner the next stage can begin. You may just be a company that receives many different documents and every second is an important second in a business, so if these letters are already opened and ready to read or organise, than a great deal of time can be saved.

You also don’t have to worry about the contents being cut or damaged and no matter what size the envelopes are, a clean envelope cut can leave a soft feathered opening, giving easy access to content.


Office Mailing Machines

A busy office is not always the ideal place to be organising mail and sending it out to customers and previous customers and that’s why many offices will have their very own mailing machine. There’s no doubt about it, paperwork can get in the way the last thing you want is to muddle up mail and have the wrong information sent out to the wrong individual.

There are many different types of office emailing machines, and they can essentially be used to organise mail quickly so it’s ready to be sent before you even have time to cause a mess. Many have the ability to print, fold and add place the relevant letter or document into an envelope.

You can also organise daily post, so mail can be organised at a certain time of day so the only thing left to do is assign a stamp and have the letter sent out. Mailing doesn’t have to be time consuming and messy, and office mailing machines can save a great deal of time and prevent a build up of clutter in any office.

Can mass emailing be an effective form of marketing

Mass emailing can work especially if you are using your own database to send to. If you opt to buy lists of email address from third parties you have to be aware that you may get the results that you had hoped for and can end up upsetting people by contacting them when they have not agreed for you to do so.

Although many companies that sell these lists stipulate that all the addresses are opted in, this is very often not the case. Also the data contacted in a mass email marketing list can often be out of date and not relevant to the business you are promoting.

You have to be careful how you send out these emails if you do decide to give it a try, as many server owners will not allow mass emailing as it not only uses up all their server bandwidth but can also cause the IP of the server to be blocked. If you are not sure on the limits of emails you can send through your server in any one time perior then check with your service provider.

Legal requirements regarding opt out on email marketing

Email marketing can be a very reliable form of marketing and can return you a lot of business if done correctly. But you do need to remember that you have to give your customers the option to opt out of future emails. This is a legal requirement and if not added to the bottom of email sent you can get in to serious trouble.

The best way to do this is to add a link to opt out, but then give the reader options of which email marketing messages they wish to stop receiving rather than removing them from all further communications. This way you may still be able to obtain their data for new product releases for example but they may not want to receive your weekly e-newsletter.

You may also ask the reader how often you can contact them if they stay opted in. Also remember to point out to customers that they will o longer receive special offers and voucher codes etc (if this is something that you offer) if they do opt out. Very often when people read this, they are less likely to opt out completely as none of us want to miss out on saving money if possible.

Email marketing – How can it help your business

Email marketing is actually becoming quite popular especially amongst some of the big companies like Tesco’s and GAP. Many of these companies now offer incentives by signing up to receiving their emails like 20% off codes or free delivery. Many people do not mind receiving emails if they are offered something that may interest them.

When building up an email marketing list it is important that you gather some other information besides their email address. First and foremost is a name as if you can personalise an email, research shows that the open rate for the campaign is higher. You should also obtain information about their interests and what products or services they may want to know about if possible,. This will allow you to tailor the email you send to them to match their needs.

When sending out these types of emails, try and install some tracking software so you can see which elements of your email were most clicked on so you can work out what people are finding interesting about the marketing material you are sending them.

Traditional post ‘remains in demand’, says Industry Expert

Recently Peter Harris, the founder of QIQ in Australia, said that there are a large number of people who will continue to use direct mailing, also known now as traditional mailing.

Hybrid mail, which combines traditional post with email is set to continue though, and he said it will continue to grow across the globe. Peter summarised the importance of traditional mail by stating that “even when businesses have e-mail addresses for their clients, sending a physical letter can be a much better option.”

This is because there is certain element of appeal to a physical letter rather than an email, and people may are more likely to feel obliged to react when they’re sent a physical letter, brochure or leaflet. Emails have an element of automation about them, and some people have got themselves into a system where they continuously delete email after email, not even giving some emails a glimpse.

Switzerland posting Traditional Mail by Email

You may be surprised to know but the Swiss postal service has used technology to deliver traditional post. Not everybody will agree with this method entirely, but the Swiss Post-box system will open, scan and email subscriber’s letters to their computers, smartphones or other digital device, meaning they can view their post wherever they are in the world.

The Swiss Post box aims to work as a secure electronic complement to your physical letterbox. It’s certainly a good way of saving costs on postage, but many people will argue that email and traditional mail should remain separate.

Not many people will like the idea of allowing an individual open their mail to have a scanned copy sent over, and they may want to open their post first. It is, whoever, a good tool for those who receive large amounts of junk mail, and it can mean you don’t have to fill up your garbage bin, instead you can just simply press delete.

Why Stamps a Favourite Collectable?

There are a wide range of stamps to choose from today, and the Royal mail will often release collectable stamps that commemorate a special event in the UK.

It’s not just these stamps that become a favourite collectable and quite often stamps can be compared to coins because they show the changing face of the queen, and changes over time. A stamp can mark an era. They mark a certain date, and they can become extremely valuable over time.

Stamps may be collected for personal reasons too, and if you’ve been sent a memorable letter, then the stamp is an important part of that, and many people would be unlikely to just throw it away. Stamps will also symbolise where they have come from, and many people treasure them, even years and years later.

Sending your Products in a Padded Jiffy Bag

If you want to make sure you products make it to your customers safely, then a padded jiffy bag could be ideal.

They almost look like large padded envelopes, and that’s pretty much what they are, but they are extremely strong and durable, while the inside padding means they can keep any expensive items safe and undamaged.

Jiffy bags come in a wide range of sizes, and if you have a large number of products that are all one size, then you could save time and money wrapping the products in parcel paper, and opt for a set of jiffy bags. You can up them in bulk, and it will then just be a case of printing out the label and placing the product in the bag, then stamping and posting. Simple.

Why Direct Mailing is still an important Marketing technique

Back in the day, direct mail was one of the most popular marketing methods; well actually it was one of the only marketing methods. Technology has certainly changed since that era, but many companies will still send out leaflets, letters and brochures to reach their audience, and it can still be a very effective method.

If you have a physical store (not just an online store) then it can be important to let people from that area know what you’re all about, whilst mailing can also help you spread the word further afield. It’s a lot easier to ignore an email then it is to ignore mail, and that’s why many people still opt to use it today.

Of course lets not dismiss the fact that some people will ignore your leaflet, brochure or letter, or perhaps even tear it to pieces, but there’s a chance that the majority of people won’t and they’ll at least give it a good deal of their attention.

  • Mailing Services

    Mailing Services will always be relied upon in modern society, and there has always been a demand for direct mailing. Many businesses see the benefits of mailing and one of the main advantages is the fact that it can leave a positive and long lasting impression on potential customers.