Keeping with the times when it comes to mailing

With the beauty of the internet and email it is quite easy to do away with a lot of paperwork. For some businesses, taking the step from posting out documents and using faxes etc to sending everything electronically is a daunting process and therefore it often gets pushed to the back.

There may be quite a high initial set up cost to upgrade or add in additional functionality to your current systems to allow you to do this but often once the hard part is over you will see the benefits instantly. You will also need to contact all your customers to explain the new systems you are putting in place and how it will affect them and you will have to be prepared for a few hiccups in the initial period until everyone knows how it all works.

These systems will save you a lot of money in the future and no longer will you have to worry about things getting lost in the post as with email it is normally able to be tracked and you can store copies of everything on a server (which can also be backed up) making it very secure.

The Top 6 Advantages Of Direct Mail Advertising

As the world steadily moves to an online centered marketing and advertising the traditional advertising methods like direct mail advertising are slowly taking a back seat. However, this is not to say that this method does not have any significant advantages to compete with the modern forms.

For most people one of the first things that they do when they wake up in the morning or after coming home from work it to check their mails. This alone shows that getting a direct mail service is still quite a viable method of advertising. Besides from this, the following are six advantages that you can still enjoy from direct mail advertising Continue reading

Allowing people to unsubscribe from your emails

If you have a company that obtains email addresses from people wishing to either register to receive news or product updates to being informed when their car is due for a service, then by law, you must give them option to opt out or unsubscribe.

When emailing people initially, you need to be able to prove that they are aware of what they are signing up to and have agreed for you to contact them. Any data you collect from your visitors can also not be sold on to a third party without their consent.

All emails that are sent out need to have a unsubscribe option on to allow people to remove themselves from the list. This ideally should be linked up to your contacts list so that they are automatically removed and will receive no further messages.

Some companies ask the user to tell them why they are leaving. Although this information may be useful you also may find that a lot of people do not want to take the time to complete this or may even chose the first option that you present to them just to complete the unsubscribe process.

Choosing the correct time to send out a marketing email

If you use email mail shots as part of your marketing strategy you should consider the time that the email is sent. I have a few (rather large) companies that chose to send emails out at 4am in the morning! This is extremely annoying and has, at times, caused me to unsubscribe to any future mailings. This is not what you want and therefore it is very important to consider this when it comes to the mail out scheduling.
Many systems will give you feed back of what time a mail out is opened and this information can be vital to future marketing. Depending on who your recipient is and what type of product or service you are marketing can have a strong influence on popular opening times, for example, a mail out that is aimed at other businesses rather than an individual will probably best being sent out during normal working hours.

How Mail Shots Can Boost Your Online Business

There are many who believe that direct mail marketing and the mail shot are obsolete as a marketing tool. More and more entrepreneurs seem to be convinced of this especially with the rapid rise in popularity of social media. Some business owners have even been able to use popular social media sites like Facebook to successfully promote and market their small businesses for free.

Fortunately the tide has started turning in recent times with the regular updates and constant changes in algorithm by leading search engines and social media sites. As a result many online entrepreneurs have been forced to rethink their offline marketing options. This is how direct mail marketing has made a come-back and ended up at the top of most lists. Continue reading

Do mail outs generate business?

Before the days of the internet, the majority of companies marketing was done by paper mail outs and door to door sales people. Paper mail outs could end up being very costly and you not seeing much of a return. One of the biggest issues with print work is making sure that it is all one hundred percent correct before it is printed as unfortunately unlike online publications, you normally will have to pay for the whole job to be corrected and printed again or risk sending something out that contains mistakes.

Door to door sales people can also be expensive. You may have two or three field agents out a few days a week and only generate one sale containing a small profit. Once you have taken in to account the salary that you are paying the members of staff, you will probably have lost on the deal.

Despite this, many companies still do mail outs and this does seem to still work quite well for the retail industry as it allows people to see a sample of products available or a sales promotion that is approaching.

Attracting your customers to go paperless

You will probably of now heard about the phrase “paperless” in terms of information you receive from a company. This may refer to newsletters, invoices and other documents hat previously you would have received in the post. The term paperless means to stop receiving the above in the form of a letter through the post and instead to either receive an email with the documents attached or sometimes allowing you to login to a client area to either view or download the documents yourself.

The main idea of this new mailing system is to not only have a positive impact on the environment by less paper and other consumables being used but to also save the company money. Very often many of the companies that offer paperless billing will pass on a small saving to you to. The downside is that should you need a hard copy of a document you may either need to print it yourself or pay a fee to the company to get a copy of it.

How to get your emails read by your customers

There are a few ways of sending out mass emails to customers or potential customers. In my experience, buying lists of “opted in” email addresses very often has poor or no results and can actually end of having a negative effect as people can be annoyed that you have contacted them. Also many companies will not allow you to send emails through their servers if you have not got permission directly from the recipient (gathered the information yourself).

The way to get great results is to only contact people that have requested information or you have direct authority to contact.

When creating the email to send, it may be nice to add their name to it so that they feel it is a little more personal. Make sure that the email you are sending out is going to be of interest, often adding a special offer or discount code works well. It is illegal to send out any marketing emails to anyone without having a “unsubscribe” option within it which will remove them from future emails.

Try not to use words like free and to add too many links to external sites as these are often indicators of spam and may get blocked by many of the recipients email filters.

Direct Mail Marketing – What is it and how is it done?

To any business owner, the rate and mode acquisition of new customers dictates how long you will stay in business. It is therefore important to adopt mechanisms that bring more customers to your business. How do I find them? Well, many business owners find it hard when answering this question. There are many ways of going about this. Direct mail marketing offers a lasting solution to all your concerns. You only need to know when and how to do it.

About Direct mails

Direct mail marketing refers to a personalised approach used to communicate to potential customers. As the name suggests, the medium used here is the mail. This mail is sent to the customer with the main goal being to inform and persuade the customer to buy the products. Continue reading

Cutting costs by email your customers

Many companies are now choosing to email their customers information, advertising and account queries and bills. This is saving the business world millions of pounds every year in terms of postage and even admin time.

Some of these companies are passing some of the savings on to their customers, offering them discounts for receiving their bills via paperless means. This is a great way to attract customers to sign up for this service.

You should first carry out some research as to how your customers would feel if you starting communicating with them via emails rather than letters. If you decide to go down the email route you should always allow people to be able to receive information in another way e.g. in the post as not everyone has access to the internet. Some companies no charge customers to receive paper bills but offer a free service to view / print your bills online.

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    Mailing Services will always be relied upon in modern society, and there has always been a demand for direct mailing. Many businesses see the benefits of mailing and one of the main advantages is the fact that it can leave a positive and long lasting impression on potential customers.